you know where you want to go. we’re here to get you there.

we’re plankton.
a creative ecosystem.

we’re the creators of ideas and the builders of concepts.
branding & PR, marketing & social.
business development.
we will not only disturb you, we will shatter your entire existence.

some stuff we do


around the world to grow - all from building upon business culture, help out with the dire need of employer branding as well as implement those ideas

we do strategy. we do implementation of such

marketing & social

we’re helping a vast amount of organisations, industries and people to grow, to sell more and to position themselves as the leaders within their field. we do so by feeding and feeding and feeding until we helped them grow bigger than the size they first thought was possible.


coming up with fantastic ideas is not something that just happens, it takes a lot of effort and strength to push through all the noise that’s out there. so much noise.

automation & data

smart tools and process of automation for simulating, planning and executing as well as analysing afterwards. we’re data driven

Meet the people on the ocean currents who know where you wanna go

Benjamin Gredeson

CEO and Founder

Paula Lema

Project Manager

Deirdre Spratt

Global Strategist

Vukasin Obradovic

Social & Digital

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If you want to define the ocean creatures and currents, let us know and we will let you dive with us