You Forget, CRM Doesn't

If you have thousands of customers, you probably either don't engage with them or have many employees to keep them organised. With YouCRM, you can scale your business and only need a few colleagues to satisfy thousands of customers' queries actively.

Integration options help gather data from all your sources. Contact management segments them into categories making usage of data easier. Lead scoring and prioritization automate moving potential customers across your sales funnel.


All-in-one database

Oh, that feeling you live every time you pull a drawer and try to find a person's contact information among hundreds of business cards. Or if you're a more digital-savvy person, you'd always be trying to find creative ways to organise all your data in Excel.

On the other hand, you can integrate YouCRM with all of your lead acquisition sources and customer relationship software. It'll track all touchpoints of your leads and customers separately. And you'll be able to keep and manage customer support tickets at the same place.

Miss no detail

Our CRM solution will collect information that you didn't know it existed. Improving your relationship with the customers depends on how much you know about their interests, choices, lifestyle, and buying habits.

Design your CRM

We offer you an opportunity to modify and customise your CRM according to your needs through our highly customisable and flexible solutions.

Integrate anything

No matter how perfect a product is, there's always something to be added. Use our REST API to integrate your CRM with the other tools and software you use.


Customer service that creates loyal customers

Your challenges in providing satisfying customer service grow at the same rate as your business. Reaching huge audiences using various channels is not enough. You should also be able to provide those people with such excellent customer service that they'd gladly be your brand ambassadors.

Comprehensive integration solutions of YouCRM gather all your communication channels under one umbrella. When a customer reaches out to you, your customer representatives will instantly see all your communication history with that customer. Even if they're done through various channels such as Facebook, Instagram, email, etc.

Close more deals

Knowing your customers' preferences will let you build a more personalized journey for them. YouCRM features such as advanced analytics and detailed reporting make accurate forecasting possible.

Increasing sales with the same time and energy invested is an eventual outcome of YouCRM. The core principle here is to focus on the leads that are most likely to convert. Thanks to our scoring features, this can be achieved easily.

Trust data, not instincts

YouCRM advanced analytics tools are your best friends in making smarter business decisions. Managing and improving your sales performance starts with measuring first.

Set your key performance indicators for the next quarter and see how close you're in reaching those targets. Let the data tell you which message you should send to whom and when.

As YouCRM integrates with all your channels, it can also show you which platforms your customers specifically prefer as means of communication with your brand.


Earn more with satisfied customers

YouCRM is all about addressing thousands of customers or leads and still making sure each one of them feels special.

It makes your sales representatives more knowledgeable about your customers' behaviors. Moreover, onboarding new customer service and sales representatives are less time-consuming and thus cheaper with YouCRM.

Each day you're not using CRM costs you a great deal of precious data that could lead to more revenue.

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