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Communication is key to healthy relationships, whether its a friend, a colleague or a customer, it's necessary to have the right tools to get your message across that will lead to a healthy mutual understanding.
YouEngage is an omnichannel communication platform with every single touchpoint centralizing the communication in one single application, a workstream collaboration and customer engagement platform. customization possibilities.


Our solution for your business

People always found it critically important to have the right communication tool, and always found it crucial for the efficiency and successful cooperation of the team. In the era of overloaded information, we have to be fast and efficient enough to create the best channel for exchanging information.

Comunication wire

It did not take too long to bring in to the world new sources for exchanging information. We have already been familiar with numbers of different communication channels, yet all of them have adapted to the individual requirements.


While there are a number of possible communication applications, the ones which can provide everything in one single place can be counted on fingers, and YouChat is one of them

It all stays with you

Information is a valuable asset for any company, and we have the ambition to keep your sensitive information on lock. We value your privacy, while offering you full support and customization possibilities.


Email or chat, we can make it all

We have opened the possibility of implementing email and chat all in one place. You can simply create teams while you can also address anyone directly with @symbol.


Uploading any image or file is not a problem, with the search mechanism you can find all needed information in a matter of minutes.

YouChat channel

The integrated translation features can make a synchronized translation from a number of languages.


Explore our awesome features

Here are some of the cool features of YouEngage


Video Conference

Searching tools

Creating a team

Individual notifications

File or image upload


Trusted and Secure

While working on YouEngage we have taken into consideration the most valuable and important features. Those are security and trustworthiness. You can have unlimited conversations regarding any topic without fear of the leak of any sensitive information. A safe workplace means:

Username restrictions
Self-managing installs
Admin moderation

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