Organise and distribute your media files

Youfolio digital asset management is an application for storing, sharing, and organising photos, videos and audio into one place in one place. It's one of the must-haves in your digital environment. Centralising all your files let you manage them efficiently and get the maximum value from them.


Our solution for your business

Youfolio saves your team members' precious time and connects all your company materials by keeping them under the same roof. Besides storing a massive amount of digital assets, it also takes care of your organisation's security and internal accessibility. Basically, everybody in your team will easily find the media files they need, and you will have access to all digital assets as a manager.

Find your files

Collecting all your media files in one place isn't enough for efficiency. You can do it yourself without a DAM solution, as well, right? This is the point where Youfolio’s filtering options come into play. It helps you to find exactly what you're looking for in a few seconds.

Access control

Confidentiality is essential, and we are committed to providing you with the necessary options to keep it under control. Set access permissions for various users as you wish to make sure everybody can access all they need. Not more, not less.

Internal & external

Sharing options inside Youfolio let you share your assets both internally and externally. There're also some other additional features, such as setting up expiration dates and tracking sharing history.

Format flexibility

Downloading digital assets in the format you wish fastens the asset creation process. You can download assets in premodified formats to ensure consistency. Youindex also offers some editing functions.


Use case examples

Digital asset management can be used in many ways, according to the situation. Here are two use case examples showing how Youfolio can help your business.


With DAM, different department members can use the same asset instead of downloading it over and over again.


Companies can optimise and decrease their asset-requesting time by utilizing a DAM.


How can you benefit from Youfolio?

Utilizing storage space, preventing loss of files, and organising your media files are only a few benefits of using Youfolio.

Stimulating creativity by automating processes

Advanced search finds everything instantly

Automatic picture formatting to publish for web, documents, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn

Attaching watermarks onto pictures

Access permissions based on copyright functions

Automatic picture tagging based on facial recognition


Collaborate internally and externally

Youfolio is all about a smooth and fast collaboration environment. Optimising collaboration efficiency and speed frees a massive amount of your team's time, which can be invested in more important tasks.

Organise your digital assets
Use labels and tags
Share with team members
Integrate for more
Share externally

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