Videoconferencing at its finest

With Youmeet, you can hold a conference, call your friends or colleagues and be with anyone, anywhere, online. Youmeet is fully supported by audio, dial-in, recording, and simulcasting features.


Join our virtual meetings room

Virtual meetings are made for people to be able to socialize and exchange information, regardless of their location. Youmeet allows people to share data in real-time. Make a call from a room, from the park, and even while sitting on the backseat of the taxi.

Free Video Colnference

While there are many other tools on the market, Youmeet offers free video conference with a bunch of perks.

Easy Input

Creating a new meeting has never been as easy as with Youmeet. All you have to do is come up with the name of the video conference, type it in the URL field, and invite people to join you.

Development Team

Great progress and process can not be done without a strong team behind. The development team is constantly working on the development and integration of improvements.


Join a meeting and do not fear anything

Meeting on Youmeet does not limit you with attendees or time. You can invite as many people as you want and take as much time as you need, without being in a rush.


Sometimes work meetings can include very sensitive information, yet with Youmeet, security is a top priority.


We do not require any private information from you to set the meeting, you can stay anonymous throughout the whole time.


With Youmeet you can never stop discovering

Video passes for every participant

Audio passes for every participant

Good quality of the call and low latency

Compatibility with WebRTC

Top-notch video routing

Ubuntu and Debian for easy installation

meet and greet

Meet people all around the world

No matter where you are in the world, reach out to your friends, family or co-workers. Any time, any place.

Unlimited in time
Recording Meeting
Unlimited in attendiece
Full audio and video
Device agnostic

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