All Your IT Assets in One Place

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and say hello to a user-friendly Asset Management System. Our intuitive and feature-rich asset management system will provide you with a 360 view on all your IT assets. You’ll be able to increase efficiency and lower your costs.


Our solution for your business

If you don’t have control over your assets, you may not have control over your costs. It is likely you are then paying for unnecessary licenses, subscriptions and hardware. How can you be sure you’re using your IT hardware and software efficiently? Let us help you.

Accurate asset visibiliy

Whether they’re hardware assets or software licenses, the Yourvault asset management system lets you track and monitor all of your IT assets.

Automatic scanning

You can schedule scans to update information related to the assets when needed. It will show new hardware and software. You can find your IT assets’ locations, their users, and other useful details such as IP address, refresh status, version, and so on.

Managing licenses

We provide unique features to make dealing with multi-pack licenses more comfortable for you. In Yourvault, you can receive an email notification upon request each time one of your licenses gets close to the expiration date.

QR code labels

Yourvault comes with an in-built QR code generator. It’s helpful for you to create QR code labels for easier access from mobile devices. The best part is that you can integrate it with most barcode scanner tools and QR code reader devices and apps.


Get notified

Yourvault’s built-in and intuitive email notification system can be handy for notifying users and administrators.

Notify users

• Asset check-out and check-in
• When a deadline for check-in is near, get a notification

Notify administrators

• Asset check-in and check-out
• Expected check-in report
• Licenses that will expire soon


Our features and your benefits

Oh, we can brag about our unique and flawless features and their possible contributions to your business all day. But here is a brief peek into them.

Hosted in cloud

We offer a cloud platform with a 99% SLA uptime guarantee. Our endeavors to provide the best speed and reliability got us to the point where we have servers in international data centers all around the world. Our specialists handle all the server set-up and installation process for you.

Security at the top

Our core principles include never giving in when it comes to security. Whether it’s our software solutions or cloud-hosting platform, we make sure they’re designed so that the security is unbreachable. Years of experience in building a secure environment enables us to implement best practices to prevent common cyber attacks.

Keeping it up-to-date

Treating our products as our children is a significant part of our lifestyle. We always take care of them and adapt them to the newest trends. Yourvault frequently gets updated releases. We fix bugs as soon as they’re reported and update them on a daily basis.

Customer Support

Yourvault customer service representatives are working full-time to assist you whenever you need. We understand that IT asset management is highly technical and has all the resources ready to solve the problems you may face while using our products.

API integration

You’ll simply love our JSON REST API. It lets you develop specific automation tailored to your needs. Thanks to it, you can perform nearly all the actions using your tools.


At Yourvault, we always strive to provide even more comfort to our customers. As a result, we have mobile apps which you can use to update your assets on the go. You can also access our asset management software from any Windows, macOS, or Linux web server.

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