Regain control over your business

Share and collaborate on documents, send and receive email, manage your calendar and have video chats without data leaks. This is YouSuite


What we offer to your business

Collect documents, share them with your colleagues, send and receive emails, manage your calendar, and have chat and video conference. One stop-shop solution, with no compliance and security risks.

Be In Charge

You can easily track and monitor movement and access of your data within your company. This is a simple way of controlling both inflow and outflow of the information within your company and your colleagues. YouSuite complies with every legal and business requirement.

Be Productive

It has been proven that working in a shared space can affect productivity and general efficiency. With all information and documents being in one place the modification and the sharing features are available for every community member.

Join Community

Acknowledging the fact that you are part of a big community, is very important while working towards a common goal. YouSuite gives everyone the opportunity to join a community and share information as well as organize and control it.


Keep your productivity on the high wave, with the self-hosted platforms, and be in control of your actions.

YouSuite is the perfect home office working platform. It is one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated office working places online.

Safe and Secure

With YouSuite the uploaded information is safe and sound, as security is our top priority.


Save time and find what you need in one place


Explore about our main features

Regain speed and control with YouSuite.

Common collaboration platform

Security and safety of information

Flexible and customizable platform

Know who gets access to your data

Secure and free video conference

Secure chat communication


Are you ready to join the reliable GDPR compliance cloud solution?

With YouSuite not only you can collect and keep documents, but also keep them safe without leaking risks. We have come up with the most reliable and safe solution for it.

Upload any kind of document
Monitor access to the information
Access shared Data
Host Video conference

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