Create Measurable Learning Experiences With Youuni

Youuni is a Learning Management System that allows you to create and manage online training and courses for your employees, students, and clients.

It's the best for businesses, universities, and other facilities to continuously create value for people.


What do we offer at Youuni?

Application of the learning management system for your company environment is one of the essential parts of a digital transformation. If you have already identified your learning goals using a LMS or not, our full-scope solutions and e-learning specialists are always in your service to guide you to the best efficiency.

Be in control

Youuni provides various roles with different access permissions. There're a few default roles: Student, Teacher, Coach, Content manager, User manager, Administrator. You can modify roles accordingly and show the necessary information to each person.

Personalized learning

We keep adding some advanced features to our platform, such as building a personalized learning process. It lets you set some standards and rules to adapt training materials to each student based on his/her learning history.

Content creation

Youuni offers feature-rich content creation and designing tools. Alongside being easy-to-use, this makes the creation of engaging and interactive modules, courses, and activities seamless.

Collaborative environment

We believe in the significant positive outcomes of learning collaboratively at Youuni. Our interactive chat comes with many useful features, such as sharing asynchronous messages, files, documents, and even a to-do lists. Additionally, it also has an option to create various workspaces for particular purposes.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing keeps getting more popular, and we offer it as another tool for improved learning efficiency. Youuni has a live meeting solution that creates the feeling of the real classroom. It comes with a whiteboard, screen sharing, and video and audio recording features.

Library & Forum

Our Media Library keeps all the related documents, images, videos, and other media files inside the training – all in one place.

We also have a Forum section specific for each training. Students engage with one another, share their ideas, and answer others' questions there. Thanks to it, they can also experience the so-called "learning while teaching."

A Learning Management System Saves You Mistakes

Making learning one of the main components of your employers’ daily life, will constantly expand their skills. Create courses with built-in training builder or integrate other course marketplaces to provide access to hundreds of courses to your staff.

You can plan your team and make sure they align with your business objectives by knowing their skill levels and guiding them through their learning process.

Ensuring that a new customer service representative is ready before he or she engages with the customers is critical to prevent catastrophic mistakes. And for that, there's Youuni.


How can you benefit from Youuni?

Our LMS has many usage options, and if you add a little creativity into it, you can make magic out of it. Let's take a look at a few examples:

Reduce training costs

You'd like to train your employees and improve their skills in their fields. You can do this by sending them to paid training or courses. However, that will mean a considerable amount of additional monthly expense. Instead, you hire a few professionals who can continuously build new training programs using Youuni. Once a course is created, it'll be available for all your employees for free.

Onboard effortlessly

Because of your company's high growth speed, you constantly hire new employees. Each one of them would need a month or two to adapt and feel comfortable in the company environment. And you'd need someone to teach them during this period. This can turn into a massive investment as your company needs more new employees. On the other hand, you can document all of your internal processes as engaging training materials. Then you can use them for onboarding new employees.

Find skill gaps

Trying to figure out what topics to learn and the sources to learn from can be exhausting. With LMS, it’s as easy as looking for a movie. Our AI and algorithm suggest relevant courses based on the user’s learning history, the position in the company and preferences. Our LMS can also create a diversified learning path by compiling various types of courses, assignments, lessons and webinars together.


Collaborate with your team anytime, anywhere.

Use Youuni collaboration features to build interactive environment inside your LMS.

Interactive chat
Unique workspaces
Video conferencing
Media library

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