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The gaming sector is one of the biggest industries and undergoes some major changes daily


The gaming sector is one of the biggest industries and undergoes some major changes daily

Latest News

US military tests wearable + AI combination as early warning system for COVID-19 cases
Philips built an algorithm that tracks 165 biomarkers to spot illness when a person is contagious but not showing symptoms yet.
How to actively build and maintain culture in a remote workplace
Team and organizational culture is something that must be thoughtfully created and fostered, especially in a distributed workforce.
Survey: Fourth graders more tech-savvy than their parents on average
In the digital age, technology moves fast. Amid recurring updates and latest iterations, it can be easy to fall behind. A new survey details generational gaps in technology use.
Holiday tech gifts for under $25
Not everything in today’s tech has to cost a fortune, and there are plenty of great tech-related gifts for those on a budget, or for those who find their holiday list expanding.
Google announces “hum to search” machine learning music search feature
The company also notes that people need not worry about delivering a perfect pitch to take advantage of this new search capability.
How to make data analytics work for you
Commentary: Most marketing executives don’t seem to believe their analytics, according to recent Gartner survey data. Here’s one way to change that.

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