Data is central to every story.

How well you keep and use information will determine your success. While you are the authors of your story, we will be the bookkeepers of your data.


Solutions for businesses

We secure your data and give you the right tools and features so that data is your core-value driver, constantly advancing to the new level.

Data Lakes

With Data Lakes, we create a data-secure eco-system for you.

Machine Learning & AI

We generate structured and clean information from your data, then train machines and create algorithms applicable to that data.


How do you get the most out of your data? We get you the right database structure and appropriate API thinking for every data source.


Youdata is in your life

Data is powering every facet of our modern society. With our increased capacity to collect and analyse data, we are able to integrate information and transform our everyday lives.


Youdata is all around you

A global database
Data screening
AI-powered machine learning technology
Data Intuitive visualisations
User-friendly platform
Unlimited list of industries

Why Your data is important to Youdata?

We create data with every step we take. Data driven decisions can help us improve our daily lives.

Data Lakes
AI integration
Secure environment
KPI tracking

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