You are data, data is you, data is around you

Every action or interaction produces information. We live to write our own story. Every person and every business has its own narrative to tell, and while you are authors of your story, we will be the bookkeepers of your data.


Solutions for businesses

We make sure that your data is in a secure environment. At the same time we give you the opportunity to enhance the possibilities of its usage. With the right tools and features, your data is the core-value driver, constantly advancing to the new level.

Data Lakes

The most important parts of data management are processing and security. In the Data Lakes we create a data secure eco-system.

Machine Learning & AI

We generate information from our clients, structure it and clean it, to train machines and create algorithms applicable to the existing data


Information can be produced from everything. With the right database structure and API thinking, your information can find the right waywith every source


YouData is in your life

Data is not only used in science and technology, but it also has a huge influence on our everyday life. It gives us the ability to collect and analyze everything we do and leaves behind a digital footprint

The capability to handle huge and ever-expanding data is fully transforming our understanding of the world around us. The integration of data in our everyday life is essential


YouData is all around you

A global database
Data screening
AI-powered machine learning technology
Data Intuitive visualizations
User-friendly platform
Unlimited list of industries

Why Your data is important to YouData?

We create data with every step we take during our journey. Once we receive initial information, it instantly becomes an important element of our story. It is important that we make data-driven decisions on the way. In many instances, it involved personal information. We use data to better improve our everyday life.

Data Lakes
AI integration
Secure environment
KPI tracking

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