Go for Youmedico and let your patients’ number multiply

With Youmedico, virtual medical care has become even more sophisticated and efficient. We have created a solution that you can fully configure and customise for your needs. With a fully customisable functionality, essential features, and possibilities, we enable you to practise medicine in a modern way.


Our solution for your business

Youmedico is a solution for modern telemedicine, where both patients and doctors have access to the necessary tools and features. Some of the core benefits of the platform are efficiency, simplicity, intuitive interface, and user-friendliness.


A modern approach to telemedicine, Youmedico is where virtual medical care is accessible through a SaaS solution, providing full customisation.


Our electronic patient record system gives healthcare providers the ability to integrate with existing EPR systems, through our API solution.


Youmedico has put extra focus on creating an architecture for preventive care. Connectivity through IoT enables the detection of anomalies and illnesses.

AI Symptomes Check

Our AI system gives health care professionals the ability to get already analysed data. AI technology enables data collection, patient monitoring and analysis of the condition.


Live health monitoring with certified tracking devices

YouMedico’s ambition is to build a platform for many different devices based on the understanding of new sensors and new applications. This will lead to new devices being introduced to the market.

Youcloud IoT

Includes services and standards necessary for connecting, managing, and securing different IoT devices and applications.

Always in Sync

Healthcare records can be transferred to any EHR via API. Patients can engage and be monitored via RPM with their healthcare providers.

Explore our Youmedico features

HIPAA compliant

Compliant with GDPR and HIPAA. Following data privacy and security best practises and standards.

Secure and fast

High-performant, high-available and fault-tolerant infrastructure.

Powerful dashboard

Data warehouses, Data lakes, Data streams and multiple Machine Learning tools integrated in one place.


Leveraging latest technologies, adopted by other Cloud vendors like AWS.

Custom to fit

Patients can interact with the SaaS solution and book a doctor’s appointment.

Custom domain

In this cloud-based application, data is stored and analysed automatically.


Why Youmedico is the best solution for your team anytime, anywhere

Work with your team, manage your medical staff, and be flexible with appointments and your patients

AI Symptomes Checker
Remote patient Monitoring

Seamless integrations with
other Youpal products

Youmedico can be fully synchronised and integrated with any other
Youpal product without additional effort.

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