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The digital revolution has in many senses passed and we are facing a new reality, where the product of today might no longer be relevant for tomorrow. We in Youpal Group have come up with the best digital infrastructure roadmap solutions for every company, and thus we can never see anything that can limit us.

We believe that progress and movement can never be achieved solely, and this is the main reason which keeps us pushing you to push us to the best possible and to the best versions of ourselves.

Youpal Group builds, owns and invests in the foundation of many companies in different domains such as Medtech, Edtech, Web development etc. You want us to be a part of your journey? Because the future seems to be prosperous together. Welcome!

Companies & Solutions

Youpal Group

Youpal Group owns multiple companies, that operate in different sectors. You can choose a company and learn more about it. Stay tuned, more is to be added on the roadmap

Latest News

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How to make data analytics work for you
Commentary: Most marketing executives don’t seem to believe their analytics, according to recent Gartner survey data. Here’s one way to change that.

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Our Story

Our main story began back in 2016 when the company was founded by Karl Leahlander and Ruben Teijeiro, who was later joined by James Baker-Duly. The story started with an idea, which then turned into the goal, which then transformed into the company, and here we are now. Team of people who are involved in the digital infrastructure change enabling process. We value what we have, but we value our goals and possibilities even more.

What people say about us

"I am because You are" and what You Think, is very important to Us

“Working here is all about building cool stuff using the cutting edge technology, while being surrounded by awesome geeks!”
Aleksandra Ašanin,
Head of Products
“Everyday working at Youpal Group doesn't look like everyday routine, but like progress without stopping. “
Olya Mamayevskaia,
HR specialist
“Working at Youpal Group is much more than just a job I go to everyday. My coworkers inspire and motivate me daily.”
Jessica Landin
Executive Assistant to CEO


Did you know that 90% of existing data, has been created in the past three years alone? According to research, massive centers have been developed by industry giants like Google, Facebook, and some more, that contribute the most to the extremely overwhelming volume of data produced.

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